In the early 1970s Australian's were addicted to large family cars which were driven by six cylinder and eight cylinder engines. Holdens had their Kingswoods, Ford had introduced the equally large Falcon in the 1960s and Chrysler had entered the big car market with the Valiant.

But when the first of the world oil crises occurred in 1973, suddenly big, gas-guzzling cars stopped seeming like such a good idea. The nation had to shift its car buying habits.

Chrysler Australia quickly realised this so they entered into an agreement with Mitsubishi Motors to produce a small family car specifically suited to Australian drivers and conditions. Thus, into this climate was born the Chrysler Sigma.

The Sigma was produced between 1977 and 1987 and would become one of Australia's best ever selling four cylinder cars.
As enthusiasts of the Mitsubishi Sigma we are pleased to present some of the history and specific model information on this wonderfull car.

On the following pages of the website you will find some of the magazine articles from that era. We also have some of the period brochures and marketing material to share.

We welcome contributions from fellow enthusiasts and would be happy to feature your Sigma in the Showroom.
We are passionate about the model and wish to preserve the history of the Sigma as sadly they appear to be disappearing from Australian roads. If there were a four cylinder car which should be considered an Australian classic then this is the model.
Sigma History
sigma history
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